4.1 Biomass pretreatment for solid fuels and production of intermediates

  • Biomass pretreatment and densification;
  • Physical, chemical, physico-chemical and biological methods for biomass pretreatment;
  • Process development and  optimisation;
  • Characterisation and utilisation of solid fuels and intermediates;
  • Logistics, storage and distribution.

4.2 Advanced biomass combustion

  • Innovative concepts for small scale and medium scale combustion;
  • Advanced and innovative small scale and medium scale systems;
  • Large scale advanced combustion systems;
  • Process modelling and monitoring;
  • Advanced process and emission control systems;
  • Tri-generation (power, heat and cooling);
  • Innovative concepts and thermodynamic cycles;
  • High efficiency, increased steam parameters plants;
  • Bioenergy and Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS) enabling negative GHG emissions.

4.3 Gasification for power, CHP and polygeneration

  • Fundamental studies;
  • Technology development;
  • Process modelling and monitoring;
  • Gas cleaning and upgrading;
  • Syngas utilisation in engines, turbines and fuel cells;
  • Advanced process control systems;
  • By-products utilisation.

4.4 Gasification for synthesis gas production

  • Fundamental studies;
  • Technology development;
  • Advanced gasification systems;
  • Gas cleaning, reforming and upgrading for BTL and SNG applications;
  • Process control systems;
  • By-products utilisation.

4.5 Anaerobic digestion for biogas and biomethane production

  • Anaerobic digestion process improvement;
  • Advanced plant and fermenter concepts;
  • Optimising conversion, improving design and process integration;
  • Dry fermentation and thermophilic processes;
  • Anaerobic digestion of innovative feedstocks (straw, waste, algae, etc.);
  • Biogas utilisation for power, CHP and poly-generation;
  • Biogas upgrading to biomethane;
  • Biomethane injection into the grid.