Sign the Manifesto

We, participants at the 31st European Biomass Conference & Exhibition

Gathered in Bologna, Italy, from 5-9 June 2023

urge the Member States and the European Commission to seriously consider the following

  • The biomass community is concerned that the EU will not meet its 2050 obligations to keep the temperature below a 1.5 °C rise.
  • Thus, the biomass community strongly recommends to change the play of the game by setting gradual limits on fossil fuel use aiming to eliminate their use by 2050.
  • Instead of our sector and the European Institutions pleading for increased shares of renewables by the year 2050, the oil industry, heavy industries, and chemical industry, will then have more opportunities to be innovative, competitive and leading the renewable markets to safeguard shareholders’ value in due course.
  • They will need to create an alliance with the bioeconomy stakeholders. Both the petro-chemistry and heavy industries in Europe have the resources to initiate the significant structural changes needed for a radical switch away from fossil fuels.
  • The current policies continue to allow the petro industry to grow on fossil fuels and keep the harmful source of fossil fuel-based carbon.
  • By setting a clear end-date of 2050 for fossil fuel extraction, industries can realize their full potential for a transition to become an integrated part of carbon neutral and sustainable bioeconomy.
  • The problem is not the industry, the problem is their high reliance on fossils.
  • We need Carbon from biomass…..lets de-fossilise!

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Message from the 2023 Conference General Chair

What role can biomass play in the technologies mix to decarbonize the future?

The biomass community started more than twenty years ago, beginning with just an imagination of where biomass might play a role in decarbonizing the energy system and its impact on the economy. Since then many technologies have been developed, some of which have been demonstrated at relevant scale and some even reaching commercial scale TRLs.

After the Paris Agreement in 2015, global attention has become focused on decarbonization as a key element to fight climate change, and also, to a smaller extent, in identifying sources of renewable and circular carbon. As part of the implementation plan, novel technologies have emerged including CO2 capture and the development of a global clean-hydrogen system.

Isabella De Bari
Head of ENEA Laboratory for the processes and technologies for biorefineries and green chemistry – EUBCE 2023 Conference General Chair

Workshop - Focus Nazionale Bioeconomia e Bioenergie: Stato dell’Arte, Traiettorie, Barriere e Strumenti di Implementazione

Martedì 6 Giugno 2023 | 14:00-18:00 CEST

Il workshop Focus nazionale bioeconomia e bioenergie: stato dell’arte, traiettorie, barriere e strumenti di implementazione si terrà a Bologna il 6 giugno e sarà organizzato nel contesto del prestigioso evento internazionale della European Biomass Conference and Exhibition-EUBCE che quest’anno è giunto alla 31° edizione e che riunisce personalità del mondo della ricerca e dell’industria attive su temi dei biorcarburanti, bioraffinerie e bioeconomia circolare, disponibilità di bio-risorse, con l’obiettivo di accelerare l’implementazione di mercato delle nuove tecnologie a livello globale.
L’evento è organizzato anche come momento di comunicazione e diffusione dello SPOKE 3 Bioenergy and new biofuels for sustainable future del progetto PNRR Misura 4 Partenariato esteso NEST – Network 4 Energy Sustainable Transition che è da poco iniziato e che vede coinvolte le maggiori Università e Enti di Ricerca Nazionali.
L’evento, che prevede la partecipazione degli stakeholder italiani del mondo dell’industria, enti di ricerca, associazioni e cluster tecnologici insieme a rappresentanti del mondo della politica, è strutturato su tre tematiche,

  • Bioenergie/Biocombustibili: lo scenario italiano nel contesto Europeo ed Internazionale
  • La bioeconomia in Italia: status e prospettive
  • Strumenti per l’innovazione: il PNRR e oltre

per ognuna delle quali, a seguito di un intervento di inquadramento, sono previsti panel con brevi interventi in cui i relatori saranno invitati a dare la loro visione sulle strategie e sulle azioni necessarie ad attivare e potenziare le filiere esistenti e le più promettenti, nonché sul contributo che le diverse forme di incentivazione e finanziamento potranno dare al loro sviluppo.

La partecipazione è gratuita (visitor pass) con registrazione obbligatoria.



What you can expect from EUBCE 2023

After three editions held online, the 31st EUBCE will be a real, in-person event! We are all looking forward to this next edition in Bologna, from the 5th – 8th of June.
EUBCE 2023 will offer a substantive scientific conference with engaging industry-focused perspectives, complemented by an outstanding exhibition, events, and side sessions for knowledge-exchange, networking, and catching up with old colleagues and friends from across the globe.
The programme will undoubtedly be influenced by the current European energy situation, including challenges specific to European Bioenergy industries.

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After 3 years... we're back in-person!

The 31st edition of our European Biomass Conference & Exhibition will mark our return to real-world interaction (!) after three years online. EUBCE 2023 will take place at the incredible Bologna Congress Center at the heart of an astonishing city and country renowned for its history as well as its innovation. In fact, the Italian Agro-economy will dedicate a special presentation to the rising star of the Italian renewables’ landscape: “Agrivoltaics”, which finally reconciles land-use for agriculture and solar fields. Of course we will leverage what we learned in these years apart and continue offering a virtual connection to those unable to attend, as well as session streaming for up to 3 months post-live event.



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