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Message to EUBCE 2022 participants

Dear EUBCE contributor and bioeconomy stakeholder,

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented and arduous disturbance and turmoil to all aspects of life, health, societal inclusion, work, energy and the environment. Recovering from the ongoing pandemic continues to be an uphill battle for all while the role of renewable energy sources has increased and intensified in the energy market. Although the COP26 at Glasgow did not result in assurances that the target of 1.5°C will be achieved, it moved the global community in the right direction. This now enhances the opportunities for biomass to play a central role in the decarbonisation strategies of all nations.

Never have the opportunities for the bioeconomy been better, but at the same time never before has the bioeconomy faced so many obstacles and barriers to deploy innovative technologies into the various markets for biobased products and services.

In the EUBCE 2022, with the new impetus created with the integration of the Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) and the Bio-based Industries Consortium in the structure and program of the Industry Track of the conference, we will be looking at several of the above issues and how the bioeconomy can play a significant role and contribute to Europe’s and global efforts for recovery from the pandemic whilst achieving the 1.5°C target.

Join your peers and other stakeholders from diverse facets of the global bioeconomy and contribute to the debate on how to overcome the barriers we face so that our bioeconomy community can deliver the impacts needed for European and global citizens.

Kyriakos Maniatis, PhD.
EUBCE Industry Coordinator
Philippe Mengal
Executive Director, BBIJU
Dirk Carrez
Executive Director, BIC

Message from the Technical Programme Chair

Biomass is part of our low-carbon future

The 30th edition of the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition, EUBCE 2022 will be held between 9th May and 12th May 2022. EUBCE continues to bring together the biomass community to discuss the scientific advances and innovations in biomass and bioenergy with the aim of advancing research and market uptake.

Facing climate and environmental challenges, the European Commission has taken firm commitment these global challenges, to conserve and enhance the natural capital and develop a more sustainable economy and society. Biomass is part of the solution and of our low-carbon future. Several biomass technologies are ready now to play an important role in the decarbonisation of the economy, as part of a circular economy, in the context of sustainable development. Biomass offers now several solutions in this energy transition, through a range of technologies to produce energy, sustainable fuels and biobased materials and chemicals.

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It is therefore my great pleasure to invite you to be part of the next EUBCE 2022 and I count on your active participation to presentations and discussions.

Dr. Nicolae Scarlat
European Commission, Joint Research Centre
EUBCE Technical Programme Chair

EUBCE 2022 is now open for abstract submissions!

Here we go!

We are proud to present you a re-structured call for abstracts for the EUBCE 2022.

The 2022 European Biomass Conference & Exhibit will mark the 30th edition of our EUBCE. It will also feature an expanded scope on biobased products with the “Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking” as strategic partner. While there is no guarantee, we do feel confident that we re-start an EUBCE 2022 returning to real-world interaction

Nevertheless the online experience of the last two editions of the on-line EUBCE had featured new benefits for presenters, audience and exhibitors. The participation has never been so global before, making the EUBCE the leading Biomass event by allowing presenters and audience to be part of the conference the very first time. Therefore we want the best of both online and real world experience and will make EUBCE 2022 a hybrid event allowing both global reach and face-to-face networking and talks.

In any case I am sure you want to become part of an exciting EUBCE 2022 by providing one, two or more abstracts, no matter whether you will present in person or virtually. Please check our detailed topics description to see that the EUBCE will really be the right conference for you and the right place to share your precious research, your novel ideas and experiences.

Let us meet in Marseille!

Heinz Ossenbrink,
Former European Commission JRC
EUBCE Online Coordinator

At EUBCE 2022 we aim demonstrate that sustainable biomass is the indisputable leading renewable energy source

Dear global bioeconomy stakeholder,

COP26 left some critical decisions for the future but it is undeniable that progress has been achieved….

There's still time to submit an abstract for EUBCE 2022

Deadline extended to Friday, 26 November 2021

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has already submitted…

EUBCE 2022 - Today is the deadline of the abstracts submission

Dear EUBCE Community,

Today is the deadline for EUBCE 2022 abstracts submissions. As such, if you have…

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