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David Baxter
Former European Commission, JRC
EUBCE Executive Committee Member
Editor of MDPI Energies

As always EUBCE is planning to make a number of high quality publications based on the scientific content of the 2024 conference in Marseille. The Scientific Committee will select candidates from abstracts in order to compile a special edition of the Biomass and Bioenergy journal which will be published within a year of the end of the 2024 conference.


While the Scopus Indexed conference proceedings of relatively short papers will be published, as usual, a couple of months after the conference, there will be an opportunity for authors to submit substantially extended papers for publication in a special edition of the MDPI Energies journal which aims to publish individual papers online very soon after final approval by the referees and journal editors.

We heartily welcome all submissions for publications of work presented at EUBCE.

EUBCE offers a number of opportunities for publication of articles related to biomass research and utilisation based on presentations given at the annual EUBCE conferences. These articles can be based on scientific research, industrial application, political policy developments and many other aspects of biomass utilisation in the continually expanding field of technology developments and applications designed to mitigate climate change.

From all presentations at the conference, both oral and poster, there is an opportunity to present a paper in the official proceedings of the conference ( Over many years the proceedings were published in paper form, however over roughly the last decade moves have been taken to provide all the submitted papers in electronic form, first on CD and nowadays online where they are Open Access and therefore always easily accessible. Moreover, all published papers receive unique identifiers (doi, a digital object identifier) and have been indexed in Scopus since 2016 allowing users to readily trace links between published articles.

A small number of papers are selected by the Scientific and Industrial Committees to be included in a special volume of the journal Biomass and Bioenergy (; published by Elsevier; Impact Factor 5.061). Following peer review approximately twenty papers are published annually in the EUBCE dedicated volume of this high-level journal. Papers selected are from all parts of the conference programme so that the eventual special volume covers the full breadth of EUBCE.

Possibility to be published in an annual special issue of Biofuels, Bioproducts & Biorefining or Sustainability.

Papers can be freely submitted to a special issue of the Energies journal (; published by MDPI; Impact Factor 3.2) by EUBCE presenters. These papers are normally significantly extended versions of the shorter counterparts included in the EUBCE proceedings. Peer review is carried out, and following approval, papers are published with full Open Access online almost immediately.


What does it mean to be Scopus indexed Proceedings?
It is known to be the best abstraction and citation database for peer-reviewed proceedings. So, if a Scopus indexed proceedings  is said to be Scopus indexed, it means that the works published by them in their proceedings are also cited among the 70 million other works embedded in the Scopus database.

Do conference proceedings indexed in Scopus count as publications?
Yes, conference proceedings papers that are indexed in Scopus or Web of Science count as publications. Whether they count for much depends on your field (computer science and some fields of mathematics value conference papers more highly than most fields) and to some extent, the reputation of the conference and your career stage.