ETA Florence Renewable Energies has been envisioning, transforming, and accelerating green innovations for over 26 years.

During that time, ETA has delivered over 300 successful projects, 250 events, and 200 scientific publications. These deliverables have enriched renewable energy technologies, digitisation, energy efficiency, and integrated energy systems all in support of the EU’s targets for climate neutrality. Towards this aim, ETA is also currently involved in several Horizon 2020 funded projects and has a long-standing track record for collaborating with the European Commission, national bodies, private clients and international organisations.

ETA’s core services support the development, execution, and exploitation of renewable energy projects – by providing project and stakeholder management, technical expertise, as well as, communication services. More specifically:

As a technical expert, ETA manages and executes R&D&I – from techno economic feasibility studies to market and policy gap analyses. ETA is also a consortium partner of the European Technology and Innovation Platform (ETIP) on Bioenergy; a consortium member of RE-CORD; manager of the Advanced Biofuels Coalition secretariat; and an EERA associated member.

As the leader of communication, dissemination, and exploitation work packages, ETA creates all assets; identifies opportunities for knowledge transfer; and organises small to large scale events (from workshops to international conferences). ETA also serves as communication and service provider for IEA Bioenergy.

As a natural convener of stakeholders, ETA organises global events and manages international cooperations, such as EUBCE.

As part of its publication services, has established collaborations with several international journals and also founded BE-Sustainable Magazine – an international publication disseminating the latest on bioenergy and bioeconomy – both have been used as tool to highlight EU funded R&D projects.

In sum, ETA’s mix of technical, strategic, and communications experts; need-based support; influential network; and decades of experience are able to transform environmental challenges into market opportunities by efficiently bridging the gap between research and exploitation at scale.


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