In memory

Giuliano Grassi 1929-2021

Always with us  ❤️

‘My deepest condolences Angela Grassi. Working with your father remains one of the most defining moments in my early career, his boundless energy and kindness set an example of what it means to be doing your life’s work.’
Ati Aziz

‘My sincere condolences to you and all the family. Giuliano was such a true gentleman and such a fountain of knowledge and would always listen to young and old…’
David Baxter

‘I want to deeply congratulate to the EUBCE organization to stablish Giuliano Grassi´s Award.
I had the privilege to know Giuliano almost 40 years ago, at the starting of my career, and since them I have met him regularly in many biomass conferences, meetings and other events where I have enjoyed talking to him. He was a very friendly person and always showed an enthusiastic dedication for the biomass with a large concern for implementation, an issue he considered a top priority for the success of the resource. He was an example for Biomass Community to follow. Thank you Giuliano.’
Juan Carrasco

‘I had the privilege of having a conference dinner beside to Giuliano Grassi few years ago…’
Enrico Ceotto

‘Giuliano was a mentor for many, indeed my main mentor: he trasmitted always his positive mood, open mind, imagination to the persons around, particularly to the youngers…’
David Chiaramonti

‘My deepest condolences for the passing of your father, Angela. More than 40 years ago, he shaped my professional career and inspired me to study nuclear engineering and renewable energy. Rip. Giancarlo.’
Giancarlo Fantappiè

‘Always!!!! A wonderful person and someone that has given light to our academic lives. But he left a legacy that will perpetuate his memory.’
Ana Luisa Fernando

‘What a man, what a father. What a loss. But we will remember his strength, charme and achievements.’
Uwe R. Fritsche

‘Giuliano was a wonderful person who had a pretty amazing life. He had the intelligence, passion and energy that I admired so much, as did so many. He was a mentor and an example to the rest of us on how to live fully…’
Ed Hogan

‘I will always be thankful to Giuliano for his very kind and professional support. Often my memories go back to our interesting, exciting and pleasant activities that we jointly organised in Latin America, China and Africa. Giuliano was a true and committed pioneer of bioenergy for developing countries. I always admired his profound knowledge and committment to develop sustainable solutions for local economies and societies.
Rainer Janssen

‘My sincere condolences. I’m honoured that I’ve met him and relished his intellectual curiosity.
Ruud Kempener

‘Dear Angela, my deepest condolences to you and your family. It was a privilege that I had the chance to meet and talk to your father on several occasions as well together with our friend Wolfgang Palz…’
Andrè Langwost

‘My deepest condolences to you and your family Angela. I have so many times been impressed over Giuliano’s enthusiasm and knowledge in different areas. He will always be in my mind as a role model for older men.’
Jan Lindstedt

‘Giuliano was a gentle person, a kind and wise man, and I am certain, a cherished and treasured father…’
Kyriakos Maniatis

‘My deepest condolences on the passing of your father, Angela. It was an honour to meet him, one of the true pioneers.’
Sari Mannonen

‘The amazing progress and accomplishments we are now measuring for the clean energy technologies are based on the vision and work of pioneers like Giuliano Grassi…’
Pietro Menna

‘Giuliano has been for everyone a great person. Generous, intelligent, open-minded and modern, quick, creative, positive, cheerful and sensitive. Tied to traditions and attentive to scientific and technological developments…’
Pietro Moncada Paternò Castello

‘It has been a pleasure and an honor working, discussing and exchanging views with such a nice, professional and wise man!…’
Maria Michela Morese

‘In my activity as a promoter and supporter of advanced green technologies, one of my high moments was making Giuliano’s acquaintance and thus having the opportunity to work with a visionary scientist…’
Vincenzo Nardi

‘His vivid and charismatic eyes could convince everyone of Biomass and with his creative and never resting mind he could always impress young and old…’
Heinz Ossenbrink

‘Giuliano Grassi was a great scientist with a large range of expertise. His ambitions thus went well beyond the nice wine yard he owns in the Tuscany region of Italy…’
Wolfgang Palz

‘Giuliano was a very kind, interesting and widely respected person. The biomass community will remember him for ever.’
Wolter Prins

‘Giuliano was an inspiration to me, with his energy, commitment and dedication.’
Nicolae Scarlat

‘I have very profound memories of spending good time with him during his India visit.
“Many people walk in your life but few leave footprints in heart”.. he was one!!!’

Abhay Siddham

‘It must have been almost 40 years ago that I came into a more intensive contact with dr. Grassi and over all those years my great respect for this man developed into a happy and durable friendship…’
Wim van Swaaij

‘With deep sadness I received the news of the passing away of Giuliano, a wonderful husband, father and grandfather, a men who meets the highest standards of honor, dignity…’
Vadim Tarasov