Wolfgang Palz


On the Exceptional Life of Dr. Giuliano Grassi, Florence

Giuliano Grassi was a great scientist with a large range of expertise. His ambitions thus went well beyond the nice wine yard he owns in the Tuscany region of Italy. First he started working on atomic energy and advanced nuclear breeder reactors in Italy and France. But he was one of the first to understand that these technologies had no future. From 1980 onward he turned his interest to the Renewable Energies and in particular Bio- energy and PV.

Eventually he became a European leader of those programmes managed from Brussels on behalf of the European Union. He became in particular engaged in large integration projects of Bio-energy and all the Renewable Energies in villages and regions all over Europe. He initiated links with major players in India, China, or Africa.

One of the international networks he initiated is EUBIA, the European industry association with headquarters in Brussels.

I had the privilege to work with Giuliano Grassi as a colleague in Brussels for over 20 years. He opened my mind for many things and we became good friends. He had an exciting life, never giving up his dreams until the end of his days. One of the pioneers and heroes of a new energy era.