About the Conference

EUBCE the series of European Biomass Conference

The first of these conference has been organized and established by the European Commission in 1980 in Brighton. The conference has now become one of the main highlight in the event calendar of the biomass world. The conference covers all aspects of biomass, from basic research, innovation, deployment and policies. The exhibition provides an excellent forum for creating the necessary links and partnerships between academia, research institutions and industry, which can facilitate the most efficient “lab to market” transfer.

The Scientific Conference Programme is coordinated by the European Commission Joint Research Centre


Here is a preview of what you can expect at EUBCE:

  • Plenary, Oral Presentations and Panel Discussions (including the Opening and Closing Sessions), covering the entire range of biomass research, technologies and applications
  • Industry Track Programme with stakeholders from the international bioenergy industry to present and discuss the latest industry topics and market challenges
  • Visual Presentations in the Poster Area. Poster authors will present their posters during a moderated visual session
  • The Parallel Events offer a deep insight into specific topics and address to global decision makers from the industry, research, market and policies.
  • EU Projects WorkshopsSide Events and EUBCE Forum presentations offering a deep insight of specific topics

What is so unique about EUBCE

  • It is a place where the state of the art and latest achievements can be discussed, presented, and debated.
  • There is a broad topical coverage from science and technology to industry,  products, applications, operations, economics, business models, markets, policy, and so on!
  • The whole sector is genuinely covered.
  • It is an excellent place to get an overview on everything that matters in biomass.
  • A meeting point for biomass specialists from around the world.
  • Presentations here allow science to be openly accessible to all.
  • It is a perfect place to find opportunities for new ideas and collaborations.