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The meeting point for all industry stakeholders to exchange cutting edge  information and raise their knowledge about the future of the industry in the biomass and bioenergy sector.

Coordination of the Bio-based Industry Programme

The role of renewable energy sources will be increased and intensified in the energy market

Kyriakos Maniatis

Booklet on Biomass Conversion Technologies

A compilation of industry efforts to deploy innovative technologies in the area of advanced biofuels.

The Booklet of Technologies will be open for new entries to participants of EUBCE and accepting contributions relevant to all biomass conversion technologies, low carbon fuels and non-food crops.


Want to contribute to the Booklet of Technologies?

The Booklet on Technologies was developed in 2020 on the occasion of the EU-India conference on advance Biofuels (link), as a means to disseminate the efforts of the industry and technology developers in fostering  the deployment of innovative technologies in the area of advanced biofuels and represent  a valuable contribution to the stakeholder and community discussions on the state of the art of the various innovative technologies.

In case you would be interested to submit the template for more than one technology please submit two templates or more. In case you would like to provide information for more than one plant of the same technology please add separate rows in the table of the template. This will become a living document updated at every EUBCE or whenever one of the contributors has new information to add.

The booklet will be uploaded in PDF on the site of the EUBCE on a permanent basis so that it can always be accessed freely by the stakeholders. Overall it takes little effort to complete the Booklet on Technologies template; however, the benefits can be significant.


Looking forward to hearing your voice as part of this
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