Connecting Science to Industry

Science Track

The Science Track is the core of EUBCE  and offers a complete programme, from Monday to Thursday in the most crucial fields of the biomass and bioenergy technology, market and industry.

This is the EUBCE as we all know it.

Coordinated by the European Commission Joint Research Centre

2023 Science Track Topics

Horizontal biomass themes

Vertical biomass themes

Conference Programme

EUBCE is ready to share the full scientific programme for the 31th European Biomass Conference, to be hosted in Bologna from 5 to 8 June 2023. This exciting programme is arranged in 6 themes, covering topics ranging from resources, sustainability, biobased products, biomass conversions, policies, etc.


EUBCE is the ideal conference for learning from innovation, countries’ experiences and best practices, while networking with players from across the globe!

Message from the Technical Programme Chair

Nicolae Scarlat
EUBCE Technical Programme Chair

“The implementation of the transition towards a low carbon economy requires measures transforming the energy and transport system. Renewable energies are critical for achieving the climate goals, complemented by a rapid phasing out of fossil fuels. In addition to the climate challenges, we are facing now challenges related to high energy prices and the high risk of supply shortages across the EU. This revealed the need to accelerate the green transition and to ensure a cleaner, more secure and resilient energy system. The EC has put forward the REPowerEU plan to phase out Europe’s dependency on Russian fossil fuels imports and fast forward energy transition through measures targeting diversification of energy supplies, accelerated roll-out of renewable energy and energy savings.”