Biomass economy can play a significant role in maintaining growth momentum

Kyriakos Maniatis, PhD.
EUBCE Industry Track Coordinator

“We are facing a series of unexpected calamities that are raising the prospect of significantly derailing our targets for decarbonising the global economy and meeting the Paris 2050 obligations. If we sit idle, expecting these mishaps and tribulations to disappear, we will only facilitate increasing the undesirable effects on the economy, energy, climate, and society. I see it as an opportunity to accelerate our efforts on the market deployment of renewables, and, in particular, biomass and its numerous applications in the economy, while providing extensive employment in the numerous sectors of the value chain; from planting to a green service to the European Citizen.

In this spectrum, the biomass economy can play a significant role in maintaining growth momentum while providing stability to all actors across the value chain. Figures by the IMF1 show that energy (in particular transport) and food are the main contributors to the increasing inflation.

Given this situation the role of the biomass community and in particular that of the biomass industry is critical in facilitating the energy transition away from fossil fuels towards a green economy while at the same time ensuring adequate food supplies and employment.

Join me at the Industry Track of EUBCE 2023 to debate the role of the biomass community in the present situation and in the energy transition with central focus on the technological innovations for market deployment of state-of-the-art technologies while addressing the increasing scarcity of financing.”