The Green Deal aims at shifting to smart and safe climate-neutral mobility and will be the guiding policy framework to achieve a carbon neutral Europe by 2050. Advanced biofuels are an important solution for reducing GHG emissions from transport and contribute to a climate-neutral Europe based on sustainability and circularity. Technological innovation and policy innovation need to go hand in hand in order to bring advanced biofuels from niche to norm.

The EUBCE is a great forum to bring industry, academia and policy makers together to discover new trends and exchange on latest developments. The Advanced Biofuels Coalition (LSB)* supports EUBCE 2021 and is looking forward to meeting you there.

*LSB is a coalition of leading advanced biofuels producers and technology providers committed to making a strong contribution to meet the EU ambitions of reducing transport emissions. LSB is working closely with the EU institutions and the Member States and promote the use of advanced biofuels in the European Union.

Gloria Gaupmann

Chair of the Advanced Biofuels Coalition (LSB) Clariant, Government Affairs, Sustainability Transformation