Prof. Dimitrios Sidiras, University of Piraeus, Greece, Programme Committee member, coordinates the review experts who will assess the quality of the poster contents reported and the quality of the graphic presentation.

EUBCE 2022 |
Poster Awardee Presentations

First Insight of Diverse Perennial Grasses Under Dryness

Sebastiano Andrea Corinzia
Università degli Studi di Catania, Di3A Dpt., ITALY

Bioenergy Systems With or Without Carbon Dioxide Removal? A Comparative Life Cycle Assessment 

Lisa Zakrisson
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), SWEDEN

Municipal Solid Waste-Based Biorefinery for Production of Liquid and Solid Fuels, Biochemical and Bio-Polymers

Sanette Marx
North-West University, Centre of Excellence in Carbon-based Fuels, SOUTH AFRICA

Evaluation and Optimisation of an X-Ray Fluorescence Analyser for the Rapid Determination of the Chemical Composition of Renewable Solid Biofuels

Feliz Endriss
Hochschule für Forstwirtschaft Rottenburg, GERMANY

Sustainability Assessment of Maritime Green Fuels

Megan Roux
Technical University of Denmark, Environmental Engineering Dpt., DENMARK

Hydrogen and Filamentous Carbon Nanomaterials Synthesis Via Catalytic Conversion of Biomass Pyrolysis Products

Université de Sherbrooke, Chemical engineering Dpt., CANADA