A prize for the Excellence in Biomass Industrial Deployment


The Giuliano Grassi Excellence in Biomass Industrial Deployment Prize is established in 2022 to honour scientific, technical or managerial merit in the market deployment of biomass industrial processes, attained over a long period of continuous achievements. It is an International Award.



In view of recognition of the role of the industry, in 2022 the EUBCE management decided to establish the Giuliano Grassi Prize: Excellence in Biomass Industrial Deployment to be awarded to an individual whose contribution in the industrial deployment of biomass has been exceptional facilitating market deployment of biomass.
After quite some thought and search, the name of Giuliano Grassi Prize was proposed, in view of the contribution of Dr Giuliano Grassi had during his lifetime, to Renewable Energies and in particular Bioenergy and Photovoltaic, as European leader of the aforementioned programmes managed in Brussels on behalf of the European Union, becoming engaged in large integration projects for Renewable Energies, in particular Bioenergy, all over Europe. He also initiated links with major players in India, China, Latin America and Africa. One of the international networks he initiated is EUBIA, the European industry association with the headquarters in Brussels.

Giuliano Grassi Prize By-law

The Laureate of the Giuliano Grassi Prize 2024 will be announced during the Opening Session of EUBCE 2024.

The Awarded International Personalities | 2022 - 2023

2023 | Marko Janhunen

31st European Biomass Conference - Bologna

2022 | René Venendaal

30th European Biomass conference - online