EUBCE Global Reach
The EUBCE reaches a global (more than 80 countries) audience and expects more than 5000 online-participants. In the online edition we are committed to outreaching presenters and audience who usually have less opportunity to participate in a real world conference.
Today we are inviting all scientistic from around the world to actively participate in the next edition. It is a big opportunity for all involved in biomass science.

We feel as much as many of you that it is unfortunate not to meet in person at this world-class-event. However, the very positive experience we had with the online e-EUBCE last July 2020 confirmed that we can also provide new opportunities to all scientists around the globe, in particular to younger ones at the beginning of their career or still at the university. If no travel takes place, it is the opportunity for many of you who face travel restrictions for long-distance trips, budget shortages or just difficulty in accommodating “away-from-home”-time in their private life or because of work commitments.

This is why we engage in enhancing our online services which bring on one hand the EUBCE 2021 closer to your home and on the other even increase the opportunities to meet new people, to get to know the scientific audience and to establish new scientific collaborations.

Instead of making you travelling, we will come to your place, no matter whether it is at home, in the office, in the lab or even your holiday retreat. You will have the world of biomass-science and technology accompanying you, wherever you like, whenever you want, and whenever it is convenient.

Amongst the novelties which we want to introduce or enhance are:

  • Mini-orals together with poster-presentation: If your abstract is selected for such a presentation, you will have the opportunity to present your poster live. You can choose also any pre-recorded format for this presentation, as video or audio only, as long as it does not exceed three minutes. A good opportunity to make yourself visible! After the presentation you will have the possibility to be in a chat-room with the interested audience.
  • An enhanced experience within the virtual exhibition where you can get brochures, infos, watch our exhibitors’ videos and make an appointment with the stand personnel.
  • Online meeting possibilities with groups of people, discussions and virtual coffee breaks.

But this is not all: by participating with your presentation at the online e-EUBCE you will have a straight-forward opportunity to develop your scientific career with a contribution, which will be

  • published online under a full open access policy on the EUBCE proceedings website, indexed in Scopus, the world’s largest database of peer-reviewed research literature and coded by a digital identifier (DOI code) to guarantee an unequivocal and permanent identification and citability (in case of full paper submission)
  • featured in the Be Sustainable Magazine (which selects cutting-edge contributions)

Authors that request the peer-review process during the abstract submission will be considered for inclusion in the following Scientific Journals:

  • Biomass & Energy by Elsevier (Impact Factor 3.55): publishes a number of papers following the full refereeing process of the journal. Authors can ask for papers to be published in the Biomass and Bioenergy special issue and at the abstract approval stage recommendations for selected papers to be submitted.
  • Energies | an open access Journal from MDPI (Impact Factor 2.70) produces a special issue comprising papers either recommended by the editors or offered by authors who have made a presentation at the annual EUBCE conference. Papers are fully refereed, and with the journal prioritising online publication, open access is usually achieved typically within 50 days from first submission.

If you present in the EUBCE 2021 you will be

  • considered for the 2021 Poster Awards in recognition of the most outstanding presentations of each conference topic (in case of a mini-oral with Poster presentation);
  • considered for the 2021 Student Award in recognition of the most remarkable and outstanding research work in the field (if requested during the abstract submission).

We hope you will find this EUBCE just coming in the right time for you, and wish you inspiration for sending us a good abstract.