HaiQi Group

HaiQi Group was founded in 1995 and is a high-tech manufacturing, research, and development enterprise. Since its establishment, the team has been committed to the technology research and development of low-carbon, zero-carbon, and negative-carbon renewable energy. HaiQi has advanced gasification pyrolysis technology as the core and has nearly 30 years of practical experience in this field. The projects include a biomass and MSW gasification CHP plant, biomass energy-saving transformation system, mobile energy station, and biomass carbonization plant ( Biochar production). HaiQi has completed over 2000 large and small projects in 75 countries and regions worldwide.HaiQi holds 100+ patents and 20+ invention patents related to its technology.

HaiQi’s sustainable development strategy mainly focuses on four critical areas of sustainable development: “climate change, circular economy, ecological protection, safety, and health.” The above focus areas include measures to reduce emissions, actively cooperate with carbon neutrality and sustainable development goals, and expand solutions for sustainable product development.