EU projects joining us in Bologna

EU Projects participating with a visibility point at EUBCE 2023 Exhibition

The EU Projects Area at EUBCE was launched in 2022 to showcase the results and findings of European research projects advancing the green energy transition. This initiative provides an opportunity to bring much deserved attention to projects focused on technologies, applications, and solutions for the sourcing, production, and utility of biomass and bioenergy. Check out who will be joining us in Bologna for EUBCE 2023 and plan to speak with them when you attend!


Advanced Sustainable Biofuels for Aviation


Biofuels production at low ILUC risk for European sustainable bioeconomy


European Sustainable BIO-based nanoMAterials Community


ContaminatEd land Remediation through Energy crops for Soil improvement to liquid biofuel Strategies


Biofuels Through Electrochemical Transformation Of Intermediate Bio-Liquids


European Technology and Innovation Platform


Clean and efficient microCHCP by micro turbine-based hybrid systems


Flexible Production of Synthetic Natural Gas and Biochar via Gasification of Biomass and Waste Feedstocks


Bridging the Gap between Phytoremediation Solutions on Growing Energy Crops on Contaminated Lands and Clean Biofuel Production


Enhancing the uptake of biomethane in Europe

Development through innovation

Marginal lands, industrial crops and innovative bio-based value chains


Quantifying and Deploying Responsible Negative Emissions in Climate Resilient Pathways


Sustainable biobased products for the construction industry


A global approach for recovery of arable land through improved phytoremediation coupled with advanced liquid biofuel production and climate friendly copper smelting processes

SmartCHP Project

Unlocking the potential of biofuels


Renewable Fuels and Bioenergy for a Low-Carbon Europe - Accelerating the Implementation of the SET Plan

Want to showcase your EU project at EUBCE 2023?

Being part of this EU Projects Area gives your project the highest visibility within the global EUBCE community, promoting a high-profile presence not only at the exhibition & thru networking but also through participation in the Conference Programme, with the opportunity to organise your own dedicated project side event.

If you are involved in an EU-funded Project and would like to benefit from this opportunity, please contact for more information.

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