Nicolae Scarlat is scientific officer in the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC), Directorate for Energy, Transport and Climate. He joined the JRC in 2006, providing scientific support for the formulation and implementation of the renewable energy legislation focusing on bioenergy and biofuels. He is coordinator of the bioenergy, biofuels, alternative fuels activities, assessing environmental impacts, technological development, greenhouse gas emissions and energy profiles. He contributed to the investigation of the role of biomass and bioenergy in a future bioeconomy, current status and perspectives for development. Other activities included biomass resource assessment, resource mapping and spatial analyses, integrating statistical & spatial data and sustainability constraints. He contributed to the assessment of the key bioenergy technologies, state-of-the-art, anticipated developments, market status and trends. He coordinates key activities, including assessing GHG emission savings of bioenergy and alternative fuels pathways; greenhouse gas emission accounting of innovative, low carbon projects; assessing greenhouse gas emissions from renewable fuels of non-biological origin and recycled carbon fuels and co-processing. He contributes to the activities aiming at decarbonising transport via advanced biofuels and alternative fuels at European scale in different transport modes (aviation, maritime, road transport). He is involved in many strands of work on assessing the sustainability of hydrogen production and greenhouse gas emission accounting. He contributes to several working groups, such as the IWG of SET-Plan on renewable fuels and bioenergy, IEA Bioenergy Task 39 and International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy.