CERESiS Project

Horizon 2020 Project
Stand #37

CERESiS aims to provide a sustainable solution to the issue of exploiting contaminated land areas for the production of sustainable biofuels.

At its core, the project aims to facilitate land decontamination through phytoremediation, growing energy crops to produce clean biofuels.

In the longer term, this will increase the land available for agriculture, while producing non-ILUC biofuel. The project is based on three pillars.

  • The phytoremediation pillar will identify a range of promising energy crops, focusing on key contaminants worldwide. We have trials in North, South, Eastern Europe and Brazil, with samples characterized and converted to biofuels.
  • The technological pillar has optimized two clean biofuel conversion technologies: Supercritical Water Gasification & Fast Pyrolysis, integrated with novel contaminant separation technologies, focusing on eliminating, stabilizing or retrieving the contaminants in an easy to manage form.
  • The Decision Support pillar develops an open access, modular and expandable Decision Support System (DSS) able to identify optimal solutions for each application. The DSS incorporates land, phytoremediation, technological, economic, environmental parameters providing critical information to stakeholders & policy makers on the suitability of combinations of phytoremediation strategies and conversion technologies for particular sites, contaminants, environmental restrictions etc. It includes Techno-economic analysis of pathways, LCA & LCC, supply chain optimization, and performance assessment against SDG goals.