Bio360 Expo

Bio360 Expo is the international exhibition dedicated to the Biotransition.

It is the event that spotlights solutions and approaches to satisfy our daily energetic as well as material needs from the renewable, cyclical biosphere ensuring that the extraction of fossil resources from the geosphere, as a non-sustainable practice, becomes something that is confined to our past.

In addition to solutions to decarbonise energy production, transport, industry, etc. such as biomass and wood energy, waste recovery, biogas, biomethane and biofuels, it will also present emerging sectors such as green hydrogen and biobased products with the aim of fighting climate change as well as the important topics of carbon capture and utilisation and pathways to sequester excess atmospheric carbon.

Over 2 days, the event brings together 450 exhibitors and 5,000 professional visitors from 40 countries and offers a rich program of international conferences, technical tours, the innovation competition, and more.