Renewable gases and liquids produced from biomass can offer solutions allowing storing the energy produced from variable renewable sources, exploiting synergies between the electricity sector, gas sector and end-use sectors. Biofuels will have an important role to play, notably in hard-to-decarbonise transport modes, such as aviation or maritime, and in certain industrial processes – including through hybridisation projects linking biofuels and renewable hydrogen production. The European Green Deal will present opportunities for further targeted support to accelerate the development of the market for biofuels and biogases. For lowering GHG emissions by 55% in 2030, capacity in the order of hundreds of million tons of advanced biofuels will be necessary as early as 2025 besides electrification in transport, as these are the most readily available solutions. The European Green Deal is the framework for legislative options to boost the production and uptake of sustainable fuels for the different uses.

Maria Georgiadou

European Commission, DG Research and Innovation, Senior Expert | Renewable energy R&I policy