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Take a look at the programme of the last 2022 Conference!


While navigating through the EUBCE programme you’ll find an innovative structure for the Conference Topics, with HORIZONAL and VERTICAL Themes.

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Science Track

The core of EUBCE with sessions covering the most crucial fields of biomass and bioenergy technology, market, and industry.

Horizontal Biomass Themes

The HORIZONTAL themes comprise fields which are common to all Biomass technologies, independent from conversion and final end-use. These topics focus mostly on sustainable use of resources, the policies and bioenergy integration required within the overarching demand for de-carbonizing the economy.

Vertical Biomass Themes

The VERTICAL themes then bring you the details of conversion technologies, for all products of Bioenergy, intermediate carriers, biofuels and bio-based products.

We believe that by dividing these topics into greater themes we fulfil the needs of those interested in the Bio-economy at large.

You will spot another distinction: The SCIENCE Track versus the INDUSTRY Track. These two tracks will be running in parallel during the conference.

Whilst the SCIENCE track focuses on latest research and development, the INDUSTRY track presents actual products, both for biomass conversion technologies as well as final, bio-based products

Industry Track

Sessions to exchange cutting edge information and raise knowledge about the future of the biomass and bioenergy sectors.


Industry Biomass Themes

With this innovative conference structure you can focus on the issues that interest you the most without missing out on anything.


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