Message from the 2024 Industry Track Coordinator

Will SAF fly and maritime biofuels sail? The time is ripe for investments in advanced biofuel facilities

Kyriakos Maniatis
Former European Commission PhD
EUBCE Industry Track Coordinator

Dear Biomass Stakeholder,

Since the EUBCE at Marseille key legislative actions have been adopted by the European Institutions in the Framework of Fit for 55 package. In particular the RefuelEU aviation initiative rests the obligation on the aviation fuel suppliers to ensure that all fuel made available to aircraft operators at EU airports contains a minimum share of SAF from 2025 and, from 2030, a minimum share of synthetic fuels, with both shares increasing progressively until 2050. Fuel suppliers will have to incorporate 2% SAF in 2025, 6% in 2030 and 70% in 2050. From 2030, 1,2% of fuels must also be synthetic fuels, rising to 35% in 2050. The targets are very ambitious especially for 2025 which is just one year and a half away.

To achieve these targets, and other such as those of RED III, the onus is placed on the industry to deliver huge volumes of advanced biofuels and synthetic fuels in an unprecedented manner and speed.

The size of the required investments entailed in such accelerated deployment is equally unheard of while at the same time investors are shy due to the ever-changing legislative European landscape. Innovative value chains will have to be established to provide the biomass resources needed in a reliable manner.

During the 32nd EUBCE, the Industry Track will focus in particular in the above topics aiming to bring to the forefront the hurdles that the industry will have to address to deliver the required volumes and how these can be overcome in such a relative very short time.

If you wish to stay well informed on how the industry will respond to this extraordinary challenge, join us in Marseille where you can follow the Industry Track sessions and panel discussions and engage with senior representatives of the industry.

The EUBCE 2024 is the place to be!

Engage with your peers and showcase your own innovative technologies and stay abreast of the developments in the exploding deployment arena of advanced biofuels and synthetic fuels.