ENEA is the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, among the largest public research institutions in Italy, with about 2,500 researchers, technologists and support staff, 17 territorial offices over most of the national territory and 1 in Brussels, 13 research centers equipped with experimental facilities, large laboratories and advanced instrumentation for studies, tests, evaluations, analyses, projects and services for the development and competitiveness of the Country System. It is divided into 4 departments: the Department of Energy Technologies and Renewable Sources, Fusion and Nuclear Safety, Energy Efficiency and Sustainability of Production and Territorial Systems Unit, as well as the Antarctica Unit and the Innovation and Development Directorate for Technology Transfer. The main research themes are: energy and renewable sources, energy communities, smart cities, smart grid, sustainable mobility, energy efficiency, circular economy, food security, biotechnology and agroindustry, critical raw materials, seismic safety, life sciences, new materials, climate change, and natural capital protection.