Preparing a conference as important as EUBCE with uncertainty about the future is a strange situation. Will we have the joy of meeting in Marseille? Who will be able to

Guillaume Boissonnet

Monique Axelos

Daphné Lorne

Jack Legrand

Myrsini Christou

Myrsini Christou

Matteo Prussi

Matteo Prussi

Patrik Klintbom

Philippe Marchand

An argument for Biofuels

Milton Friedman once professed that legislative action…read more

Myrsini Christou

Growing the future

An increased demand for biomass resources will be…read more

Gloria Gaupmann

Advanced biofuels are an important solution for reducing GHG emissions from transport

The Green Deal aims at shifting to smart and safe…read more

Maria Michela Morese, PhD

Bioeconomy challenges and opportunities in Africa through the lens of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought Africa to… read more

Solange I. Mussatto

The future of the bioeconomy requires new technologies and cooperation

Biobased technologies have become increasingly interesting… read more

David Baxter

Publication of your research is a key part of the EUBCE conference

You will already know that publication of… read more

Patrik Klintbom

The Bioeconomy and Bioenergy are key factors in the Green Deal

The Bioeconomy and Bioenergy are key factors… read more

Calliope Panoutsou

Our Bioeconomy Future!

Bioeconomy has wide sectoral coverage and… read more

Suani T. Coelho, PhD

Bioenergy for a locally led and people-centred economic recovery in developing countries

Developing countries are well-positioned to… read more

James J. Spaeth

Global challenges call for global solutions

As people around the globe, young…read more

Dr. Ing.David Chiaramonti, PhD

The Bioeconomy sector is a pillar of the EU New Green Deal and the EU Climate strategy

The Bioeconomy sector is a pillar of the EU… read more