EUBCE is introducing new management practices to reduce its environmental impact:

Decreasing printed materials thanks to the website, app and USB sticks -paper smart

By making documents available electronically on the EUBCE website as well as on the app, EUBCE is consistently reducing the number of printed pages: for EUBCE 2019 edition has reduced printing by 25%.

Any paper used is 100% FSC-Certified.

Encouraging the use of public transport to access the venue

Marseille Chanot Congress Center is centrally located and its entrance is just in front of Rond Pont du Prado where both bus/metro stops are.

Visit the VENUE

Suggesting walking distance accommodation

More than 3500 hotel rooms are situated walking distance form Marseille Chanot venue and in close proximity to infrastructures (pharmacies, shops).

See the HOTELS

Collaborating with sustainable and local suppliers

EUBCE supports local and regional business; suppliers are chosen on the basis of proximity and reliability in compliance with sustainability requirements.

Using sustainable catering and planning solutions to reduce food waste

EUBCE develops a catering concept that fits into the overall strategy of making the meeting as sustainable as possible. Coffee breaks, lunch and dinner menus offer a range of organic, local and vegetarian dishes, reducing the carbon footprint of the dish along its entire production chain from farm to fork.

EUBCE also works closely with partners in Marseille to prevent food waste by making donations of left-overs where needed.

Selecting sustainable and re-usable materials

EUBCE works closely with its suppliers and local vendors to select recycled materials for bags, badges and lanyards, eliminate styrofoam packaging and ensure the procurement of eco-friendly goods. In addition to efforts to reduce the use of materials, waste is recycled and monitored.

EUBCE  would like to thank you for your support in greening the 2020 edition and wishes you a successful participation in the conference.