“Preparing a visual presentation is a fascinating challenge. If one succeeds in attracting the attention of colleagues, a visual presentation is much more effective than an oral presentation since the visual memory is powerful and, at the end of the day, winning a poster award encourages to keep on improving.”

Maria Dolores Curt
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM)

Poster Award 2021


“Without doubt, The European Biomass Conference and Exhibit (EUBCE) has been the most fruitful conference I have had the pleasure of attending. Also, it’s an honor to achieve an award from this massive event. The conference brought together a broad range of researchers and industrial sectors that engaged with biomass. Therefore, the EUBCE was a perfect event to engage researchers and innovators from across the international landscape. The structure of the conference was perfect for both academic and industrial sectors that engage with biomass sectors.”

Asanka N. Illankoon
University of Brescia
Poster Award 2021         


“The opportunity to present our H2020 project AgroFossilFree in EUBCE and winning the Award for Best Visual Presentation has introduced in the best way our results to the Biomass related stakeholders participating in the conference.”

Thanos Balafoutis
Center for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH)
Poster Award 2021


“I chose to attend EUBCE because it is one of the world’s largest events dedicated to bioeconomy sustainability research, and because I like the fact that the event covers a wide range of specific topics from research and industry, such as sustainability certification of biobased products.”

Beike Sumfleth
DBFZ Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum gemeinnützige GmbH
Poster Award 2020


“For me, the presentation was a challenge: a challenge to communicate effectively in a language that is not my own, to be capable to inform about a relevant topic and to share the project that I had been working on for a while. The award for the best visual presentation represents all the effort and motivates me to continue researching and sharing knowledge on the subject that I am passionate about.”

Manuela Osorio Zuluaga
Universidad de Los Andes
Poster Award 2021


“It’s my great honor to receive the Poster Award for the topic “Sustainable Bioeconomy: Impacts and Policies”. Although we could not perform our mini-oral and poster presentation on site, I am amazed by the well-organized virtual platform and enjoyed very much during this wonderful event! Moreover, I also value the recording of reporters’ video, slides and poster, from which I can  go back to the sections from time to time.”

Xueqing Yang
Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research (UFZ)
Poster Award 2021


“I am so honored to receive this prestigious international student award in recognition of my contribution to EUBCE 2021. I want to thank the selection committee and my supervisors who supported me during my Ph.D. program.”

Hossein Beidaghy Dizaji
DBFZ Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum gemeinnützige GmbH
Student Award 2021


“The 29th EUBCE was one of the best organised on-line conferences in which I participated during the daunting COVID-19 situation. It provided us the opportunity to discuss our work (presented as an audio-poster) with a focused audience. Positive feedback from conference participants encouraged us to continule in connecting bioenergy crops with agroforestry systems on agricultural land. Overall this was a very worthwhile experience.”

Jan Weger
Silva Tarouca Research Institute for Landscape and Ornamental Gardening
Poster Award 2021


“EUBCE attracts a global audience and I always look forward to the diverse viewpoints, the interaction, and all of the new items showcased in the Exhibition.”

Scott Turn
University of Hawaii
Poster Award 2020


“Participating in the EUBCE allows me to present my results to a targeted audience, in an easy and industry-friendly format. I am very happy to have received the Best Visual Presentation for my contribution.”

Patrick Reumermann
BTG World
Poster Award 2020


“In occasion of the 28th EUBCE – European Biomass Conference & Exhibition, I received the Student Award for the presentation about “Techno-Economic Analysis of Flexible Power & Biomass-to-Methanol Plants”. The work explores the optimal design criteria and the flexible operation of methanol production plants based on biomass gasification with intermittent hydrogen addition from water electrolysis.
It was a great honour to expose my work and to be awarded in such a world-leading event for biomass research, technology development and innovative applications.
I would like to thank all the EUBCE organizers for the extraordinary efforts made in holding a virtual conference which gave the possibility of sharing knowledge despite the COVID-19 emergency. I look forward to participating at the next EUBCE editions.”

Alessandro Poluzzi
Politecnico di Milano
Student Award 2020


“The EUBCE is the “home” of the bioenergy community that I am part of. I have been attending since several years and I believe that it is an exceptional place to stay up to date with the advancements in the field.”

Cosette Khawaja
WIP Renewable Energies
Poster Award 2021


“EUBCE was unique opportunity to connect with generalists as well as specialists in biomass conversion/application. It enabled me to keep a broad horizon in my specific research.”

Stef Ghysels
Ghent University
Student Award 2021


“At the 29th EUBCE  I intended to show a new concept not only to the academic community but also to the dedicated industry. I found the mixture of lectures on the very basic topics and the presentations on solutions already applied in industry very successful and inspiring. The possibiblity of getting a short overview of a contribution by the 2-minutes video at any time was very comfortable.”

Sergej Warkentin
OWI Science for Fuels GmbH
Poster Award 2021


“Whilst my field of research (Hydrothermal Carbonisation) is a niche topic within the broad field of Biomass, attending EUBCE 2021 allowed me to effectively learn from colleagues within this niche and beyond. Because of this, I have developed a more holistic view of the different methods to utilise biomass across the globe, which has simultaneously brought me back to the importance of my own research.
As a first year PhD student, achieving the Award for the Best Visual Poster from the largest and most renowned biomass conference in the world has been an excellent milestone achievement for me. It has been very impactful for my progression as it has demonstrated my research efforts to my review panel who were very impressed!”

Eloise Bevan
University of Edinburgh
Poster Award 2021


“Receiving a EUBCE 2021 Student Award was a rewarding experience for me. I enjoyed the possibility to present my work to an expert audience, discussing my results and interacting with leading experts in the field.”

Dagmar Henner
University of Graz
Student Award 2021


“The EUBCE conference is one of the most interesting conferences with the highest impact in the biomass field and it is both an honour and a privilege to part of this conference.  I am delighted to have been the winner of the Best Visual Poster Award in the past and would encourage all students and researchers to participate in this conference if you want to keep up to date with the latest achievements and advancements in the biomass research fields.”

Sanette Marx
North-West University
Poster Award 2020


“It’s been a pleasure to presenting my poster in one of the wonderful poster sessions at the EUBCE2021 conference that could be held in a well-considered and functional new online format. I like to say thank you again for the poster award and I am looking forward to attending future EUBCE conferences because of their broad topics, interesting presentations and various possibilities to get in contact and discussions with researchers from all over the world.”

Clemens Hollenstein
BEST – Bioenergy and Sustainable Technologies
Poster Award 2020


“We think that every year the sessions corresponding to visual presentations are improving substantially and overall in these last years. You must  consider that I have practically participated in  all the  Conferences  (EUCBE) since 1985.
In relation to the contents of visual presentation, we think all that can be informed by figures and graphics attracts the attention of the readers.
For us it is important  to establish with clarity the main and specific objectives, as well as to formulate the conclusions of the research. The poster, logically, must contain an abstract that shows precise form of the revised work carried out. In our opinion, abstract, objectives and conclusions must constitute most part of the written text. The  rest must be diagrams, photos, graphics and figures.”

Sebastian Sanchez Villasclaras
University of Jaen
Poster Award 2020


“At EUBCE your research becomes visible to a large audience comprising various disciplines, thus strengthening new interdisciplinary research approaches required for accelerating the transition towards a sustainable bioeconomy.”

Bastian Winkler
University of Hohenheim
Poster Award 2021


“Participation at EUBCE is an experience of considerable scientific interest, it offers the opportunity to enrich knowledge in the environmental and energy field by having the opportunity to receive international awards, poster awards and publish scientific articles. Eubce represents a showcase on the world of scientific research in which everyone should be part of it to have greater notoriety, increase contacts and create a network of connections between experts and researchers on emerging issues aimed at having innovative ideas on systems for the protection of the planet in sustainable way.”

Monica Carnevale
Poster Award 2021