EUBCE 2021

General Terms and Conditions for the Exhibition


ETA srl (“ETA”) is the organizer of the event. Only ETA is empowered to accept or reject applications and to allocate virtual booths. For written correspondence regarding exhibition matters the usage of the email address is obligatory. The booking form as signed by the exhibitor (the “Exhibitor”) constitutes a legally binding contract governing the relationships between ETA and the exhibitor. Deadlines must be met. ETA cannot guarantee to provide the offered service if forms or orders are handed in too late.


No stand proposals will be made without the booking form being received. The booked space de facto has to be used for the presentation of the company that is stated as “Exhibiting Company” in the booking form. Reselling of virtual booth or transferring the right to exhibit on the relevant stand to third party is strictly forbidden without prior written authorization of ETA.


Payment has to be made by the due date indicated on the invoice. All invoices must be paid before the online exhibition starts. Only those exhibitors who have made full payment are allowed to participate in the exhibition. If the Exhibitor’s payment is not received in due time, ETA is entitled to give the booked space to a third party. Late payment will give rise to a surcharge of 10% payable latest with final payment invoice. All bank charges must be covered by the Exhibitor. All payments are not refundable for any reason, including, without limitation, failure or inability to use the virtual booth due to illness, acts of God, public health crisis, government restrictions, travel-related problems, acts of terrorism, loss of employment and/or duplicate purchases.


Any cancellation must be made in written form. After receipt of the Exhibitor’s booking form a cancellation fee will be due: for cancellations after 1 March 2021 the full amount has to be paid.


ETA may validly, without liability to the Exhibitor, modify all aspects of EUBCE 2021 other than the dates (26-29 April 2021) if, in its opinion, the commercial purpose of EUBCE 2021 can be attained by such modifications.


Although ETA will use its reasonable endeavors to ensure that services provided for the exhibition are supplied, the supply of such services is not within ETA’s control, and so it shall not be liable in any way to the exhibitor for any loss or damage if any of such services shall wholly or partially fail or cease to be available. The Exhibitor shall not be entitled to any allowance in respect of sums paid or due under this Agreement. ETA takes no responsibility for the acts or omissions of any supplier of products or services appointed by ETA as suppliers (exclusive or otherwise) to the event exhibitors (including without limitation the Exhibitor) or for inaccurate copy instructions. ETA shall have no liability to the Exhibitor for any loss or damage it may suffer as a result of any act or omission of such suppliers.


ETA may allow exhibitors to provide visitors and other participants with information on the website of the event, in particular in relation to exhibitor‘s logos, exhibitor’s profiles, job offers and product information (summarized as “Exhibitor Information”). The Exhibitor is responsible for this Exhibitor Information and applicable laws must be complied with. The Exhibitor shall ensure before publication that he /she/it is legally entitled to publish the Exhibitor Information and that the published Exhibitor Information complies with applicable competition laws and does not infringe any third party rights. The access authorization (username and password) granted by ETA is not transferable and must be protected against loss or theft, unauthorized access or unauthorized transfer. The Exhibitor shall inform ETA immediately after discovering loss or theft, possible unauthorized access or transfer. As a principle, ETA is not obliged to review and control the Exhibitor Information before it is made available for access on the website. If the rights of a third party are infringed due to or in connection with the Exhibitor Information and if (a) ETA is informed of the infringement by the third party or (b) a third party lodges the appropriate claim against ETA, ETA shall inform the Exhibitor immediately after receiving the notice or notification of the claim by the third party. The Exhibitor shall revise the Exhibitor Information without delay so that it no longer infringes the rights of a third party or by other means make the Exhibitor Information compliant with applicable laws. In the meantime, ETA is entitled to temporarily withdraw from publishing the Exhibitor Information in question and may change it without prior approval of the Exhibitor.


ETA collects, processes and uses personal data only to the extent necessary for the establishment, content organization. These actions are taken on the basis of Art. 6 Sect. 1 lit. b GDPR, which permits the processing of data for the fulfilment of a contract or pre-contractual actions. ETA collects, processes and uses personal data only to the extent that this is necessary to make it possible for users to utilize the services and to bill for them.


The validity, performance and interpretation of these general terms and conditions shall be governed by Italian law. Any dispute arising out of, or in connection with the validity, performance or interpretation of these general terms and conditions shall be submitted to the sole jurisdiction of the courts of Florence (Italy). Registration of the Exhibitor with EUBCE 2021 and the signing of the booking form by the Exhibitor entail acceptance of these general terms and conditions.

For information about exhibition please contact:
Ms. Clara Aguado Merino
+39 055/5002280 ext. 223
Ms. Sinuo Sun
+39 055/5002280 ext. 219