Exclusive EUBCE Technical Tour

NGF Holsted Biogas Plant

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During Friday 18 May 2018, a limited number of conference attendees received the opportunity to visit NGF Holsted Biogas Plant.

One of the largest and most advanced biogas plants in Europe owned and operated by Nature Energy. The plant is converting 400.000 t of biomass into 13 million m3 of pure methane for injection into the extensive Danish gas grid. The flexibility of the plant is unique, thus it is capable of handling slurry, deep bedding, food waste and other industrial biomasses and the digestate is spread on the farming fields around the plant. The plant is operated fully automatic and is only manned during daytime.


  • Digesters: 4×7.000 m3 bolted steel tanks + 1×4500 m3 concrete tank
  • Biomass: 400.000 t/y; Slurry, deep bedding, food waste, energy crops and other industrial fractions
  • Gas production: 13 million m3/y
  • Upgrading technology: Water scrubber

Read more at www.natureenergy.dk.

The tour will enable conference participants to experience and learn about a power facility where biomass is the key renewable feedstock in the production of renewable energy, biofuels, biochemicals and biomaterials.