Sign the Manifesto!

We, participants at the 31st European Biomass Conference & Exhibition

Gathered in Bologna, Italy, from 5-9 June 2023

urge the Member States and the European Commission to seriously consider the following

  • The biomass community is concerned that the EU will not meet its 2050 obligations to keep the temperature below a 1.5 °C rise.
  • Thus, the biomass community strongly recommends to change the play of the game by setting gradual limits on fossil fuel use aiming to eliminate their use by 2050.
  • Instead of our sector and the European Institutions pleading for increased shares of renewables by the year 2050, the oil industry, heavy industries, and chemical industry, will then have more opportunities to be innovative, competitive and leading the renewable markets to safeguard shareholders’ value in due course.
  • They will need to create an alliance with the bioeconomy stakeholders. Both the petro-chemistry and heavy industries in Europe have the resources to initiate the significant structural changes needed for a radical switch away from fossil fuels.
  • The current policies continue to allow the petro industry to grow on fossil fuels and keep the harmful source of fossil fuel-based carbon.
  • By setting a clear end-date of 2050 for fossil fuel extraction, industries can realize their full potential for a transition to become an integrated part of carbon neutral and sustainable bioeconomy.
  • The problem is not the industry, the problem is their high reliance on fossils.
  • We need Carbon from biomass…..lets de-fossilise!


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