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Join us in Marseille, France, 27-30 April, at #EUBCE2020, the Europe’s leading platform for the biomass specialists.
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The 28th #EUBCE in Marseille, France, 27-30 April, expands its portfolio from energy related biomass production & conversion of bio-based feedstock to other sectors of the economy and integrates the bioeconomy into its conference programme.
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The worldwide biomass and bioenergy experts community will meet at #EUBCE2020 in Marseille, 27-30 April to share knowledge and perspectives about energy.
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More than 1.050 #abstracts from 3.764 authors and co-authors from 76 countries🌍!
#EUBCE2020 is global and will gather the worldwide biomass community in #Marseille, 🇫🇷, 27-30 April.
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#EUBCE2019 registered a +28% participants with 1766 persons from 81 countries.
EUBCE is an international point of reference for #biomass experts both for its conference & its exhibition.
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The EUBCE offers the following high-quality videos, free-of-charge, for journalistic coverage and promotional use by companies and organisations participating in the event.

Find a broad selection of EUBCE videos on our Youtube channel. Please credit the video you use with “©EUBCE”.