Paving the way towards clean energy and fuels in Europe

Talks with research, industry and EU Member States on bioenergy, advanced biofuels and renewable fuels

This research policy workshop will focus on how to move forward the innovation chain in the EU for bioenergy, advanced biofuels and renewable fuels, contributing to the clean energy transformation in energy and transport, in line with the Strategic Development Goals and the EU Communication “Clean Planet for All”. For this purpose, the workshop will identify the research and innovation needs, the strategy and the roadmap for bioenergy, biofuels and renewable fuels to make the European industrial energy and transport sectors economically and environmentally sustainable, secure and competitive in the global markets.

The agenda will focus on the value chains of advanced biofuels, renewable fuels, intermediate bioenergy carriers and biomass-based cogeneration of heat and power. The entire innovation sequence will be discussed, from breakthrough technologies to applied research and demonstration, pre-commercial scale financing and market up-take support measures. Results from the entire portfolio of around 60 projects supported under the European Union’s Framework Programme Horizon 2020 – Secure, clean and efficient energy challenge will feed into the discussion. The views of the engaged EU Member States and of research and industrial stakeholders will be an important additional contribution, to identify non-technological support pathways through new tools, research concepts, the mobilization of national actions, private engagement and financing mechanisms.

The workshop will then report on the progress of the innovation chains, the effectiveness of pushing innovative solutions into the market and their broader penetration into the energy and transport mix. Policy recommendations based on project results, the Member States’ interests and plans, as well as the views of the stakeholders, will also be collected and reported.

The detailed agenda will be available soon.


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9:00 – Welcome: European Commission


9.10 Keynote speech: European Commission
Maria Georgiadou, Directorate-General Research and Innovation

9.40 – The SET Plan Action 8: The Member States
Timo Ritonummi and Franco Cotana, Chairs SET Plan WG 8

9.55 – The Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of the European industrial stakeholders: ETIP Bioenergy
Patrik Klintbom, Chair, ETIP Bioenergy

10.10 – The Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of the European industrial stakeholders: Renewable Heating and Cooling ETIP – Biomass Technical Panel
Dominik Rutz, Chair, RHC ETIP Biomass Technical Panel

10.25 – The joint programme of the European bioenergy research alliance: EERA Bioenergy
Andrea Monti, Chair, EERA Bioenergy

10.40 – Coffee break

11.00 – Advanced biofuels value chain: Project coordinators
Rapporteur: Antti Arasto, Research Manager, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Finland

12.00 – Renewable fuels value chain: Project coordinators
Rapporteur: Thomas Schleker, Directorate-General Research and Innovation, European Commission

12.30 – Lunch break

13.30 – Intermediate bioenergy carriers value chain: Project coordinators
Rapporteur: Patricia Thornley, University of Aston, Birmingham, United Kingdom

14.20 – Renewable heating and cogeneration of heat & power: Project coordinators
Rapporteur: Dominik Rutz, WIP Renewable Energies, Germany

15.00 – Strategic actions: Project coordinators
Rapporteur: Myrsini Christou, Center for Renewable Energy Sources and Saving, Greece

16.00 – Coffee break


16.20 – The way forward for R&I on bioenergy, advanced biofuels and renewable fuels.
(Rapporteurs of roundtables)
Moderator: Tomas Kåberger, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

17.00 – Closing of the day: European Commission

Wednesday 29 May

09:00 – 17:15 | Room: 3C

Free of charge upon registration through EUBCE User Area

An initiative of the

In collaboration with

SET Plan Action 8 EU Member States

Please note that this Programme may be subject to alteration and the organisers reserve the right to do so without giving prior notice.