Want to present to your audience in a dedicated space?

Hosting your event during EUBCE 2020 is a win-win agreement that gives the opportunity to your participants to access EUBCE 2020 and viceversa. Side events are events running alongside the conference, do not impact on the programme and have always been an integral part of EUBCE conference. They are an opportunity for showcasing your work, sharing learning among peers, disseminate ideas and solutions within the international biomass community and expanding the network of contacts.
Should you have the project to organise an event in the field of biomass, feel free to contact us to discuss a potential collaboration.

What is a side event?

A side event is an event proposed and organised by attendees of the EUBCE. Each side event organiser can be involved in organising one side event. Side events are open to all conference participants to attend. It is possible to organize closed back to back meetings. The side event should be directly related to the goals, objectives and themes of the conference.

Publicizing a side event is the responsibility of its organizers. EUBCE will support and assist with a dedicated newsletter, social media and inclusion in the web. The Secretariat will prepare a comprehensive programme of side events and daily updates to be posted on the EUBCE website.

Organisers are in charge for covering the costs of own side events.

First steps to organise a side event.

To organise a side event, please send an email to the Secretariat anna.salimbeni@etaflorence.it containing the following information:

  1. Title of the proposed event
  2. Short description of the proposed event
  3. Which organisation is leading the event
  4. Any partners that are involved in the organisation of the event
  5. Event topics
  6. Format (seminar, panel discussion, roundtable)
  7. Estimated total attendees

Once an event has been confirmed, we will send you the contact details of the person with whom you shall discuss all the practicalities of your event (costs, space, material).

The side events will be advertised on our conference webpage, news, media and EUBCE Guide.
There are limited slots for side events so we encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible.
Meeting rooms will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Workshops announced (under preparation)

Algae Industry Workshop

Organised by European Commission and European Algae Biomass Association

BECCS II — Bioenergy, Carbon Capture Storage, and Use. Second edition

Organised by: University of Sao Paulo, Brazil and Aalborg University, Denmark

the main objective of the event is to present and discuss the perspectives for BECCS/BECCUS and the existing experiences and challenges. The workshop will pay particular attention to the issue of science-based policy making, discussing the best ways to use the most up-to-date scientific results in the policy making cycle to assess the sustainability and mitigation potential of BECCSUS projects and applications.

A joint side event Brazil-Denmark

Getting published, perspectives of Editors. Second edition

Organised: Biomass and Bioenergy’s Special Edition by Elsevier, Energies Open Access Journal by MDPI and EUBCE

As researchers, you want to get publish to disseminate your ideas, to uncover potential research collaborations, to progress in your academic career and to secure research funding. This panel of scientific journal editors will offer insights into scholarly publishing and give advice for preparing manuscripts to give you the best chance of publishing in an international journal. The session is suitable for PhD and Post Docs students, as well as for researchers who have experience in the dissemination their research results. The importance of authors to learn the specific aspects of the publishing cycle has become ever more crucial as the number of submissions, and as a consequence the number of rejections continues to rise. Taking on board the advice of leading journal editors by understanding the process and the expectations of editors when they receive your manuscript may help your manuscript stand out from crowd.

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