A Message to EUBCE 2021 participants

Dear EUBCE contributor and bioeconomy stakeholder.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented and arduous disturbance and turmoil to all aspects of life, health, societal inclusion, work, energy and the environment. The recovery out of the pandemic will be an uphill battle for all while the role of renewable energy sources will be increased and intensified in the energy market.

Never before the opportunities for the bioeconomy were better but at the same time never before the bioeconomy faced so many obstacles and barriers to deploy innovative technologies  into the various markets from chemicals to materials and from energy to fuels.

In the EUBCE 2021 we will be looking to several of the above issues and how the bioeconomy can play a significant role and contribute to Europe’s and the global recovery.

Join you peers and other stakeholders from practically all attributes of the bioeconomy and help the debate on how to overcome the barriers we face so that our bioeconomy community can deliver to the needs of the European and global citizen.

Kyriakos Maniatis,
Former European Commission, DG Energy | EUBCE Industry Coordinator