An invitation to the EU Bioeconomy Industry

Dear Bioeconomy industry representative,

The Covid-19 pandemic has added a new complexity on the way we operate but at the same time it presents an opportunity to advance our common fight in mitigating climate change and meeting the Paris 2050 Agreement goals for net zero. The necessity for economic and social recovery, both at global and national level, mandates a strong drive for renewables in whatever form and this appears to be recognised by most governments with rare exceptions. At least it is recognised by the EU with the Recovery Plan.

We all concur that critical and strategic decisions are necessary in undertaking appropriate but very difficult measures needed to meet the Paris Agreement and effectively combat climate change. At the same time it is obvious that although all sectors of the bioeconomy have to make significant contributions it is the industry that will have to carry the heaviest of the responsibilities and weight in delivering the Paris Agreement. This responsibility not only refers to the huge investments needed but also to taking the leadership in moving innovation from the lab and pilot scale to full scale commercialisation.

It is the industry, as the major sector of the bioeconomy community, that can deliver clean energy transition.

In short, your active role is crucial and of paramount importance.

The EUBCE has long become a world leading event for the biomass and bioenergy sectors based on a global forum for exchanging knowledge, debating policy options and addressing innovation in an open forum. Against this background, the EUBCE aims to highlight the role of the industry across all sessions and topics of the bioeconomy. It is therefore imperative to work hand in hand with the research community enabling to bring into the market the innovative technologies and energy systems necessary for such a transition. At the same time, such actions are vital in maintaining the leading position the EU industry enjoys at present.

The EUBCE is always evolving due the changes that are affecting us at all levels, policy, technology, market et al and it proudly did so with the first ever virtual EUBCE last July. At this stage it is not possible to predict the global situation with Covid-19 in Spring 2021 and whether a physical event can be organised. The management of the EUBCE is thus looking to all alternatives, whether a physical, a virtual or a physical/virtual combined event.

The active participation of the industry in EUBCE has been constantly increasing and with the EUBCE management we always look how to improve and facilitate Your role. It has been decided that in EUBCE 2021 we will have dedicated industry tracks by-invitation-only. I will be assisted by a team of internationally recognised experts to identify industry speakers whose companies and organisations have achieved significant progress recently and subsequently invite them to give a presentation, orally, if a physical meeting will allow, or virtually. This means that there will be no need to have an abstract evaluation for invited industry speakers; however, an abstract will be requested for the appropriate organisation of the conference.

The virtual Exhibition of EUBCE 2020 was also very successful and the management received very positive feedback. This is another opportunity to highlight the advances of Your company by combining a presentation with a stand at the Exhibition of EUBCE 2021.

If you have any other suggestion or recommendation how to improve the role of the industry in EUBCE please feel free to write to me at:, with subject “Industry’s role in EUBCE”. I will consider carefully your ideas and I will come back to you.

I look forward seeing you in Marseille, in case the Covid-19 fight will be won by the global community, or virtually next spring.

With my best regards

Dr Kyriakos Maniatis
Former European Commission DG Energy
EUBCE 2021 Industry Committee Coordinator