An invitation for members of industry

An invitation for members of the industry
Dear Bioenergy technology developer and industry representative,
We received a significant number of high quality abstracts from the bioenergy industry community and this is reflected in the Conference’s programme resulting in leading keynote speeches and innovative oral presentations.
There is a lack of urgency by the political establishment in undertaking the necessary tough measures needed to meet the Paris Agreement and effectively combat climate change. If we are really serious about mitigating the 2 °C temperature increase in 2100 the amount of fossil carbon emissions has to be reduced down to zero by 2050. This is a tall order and places significant responsibilities and at the same time important obligations to the industry as the key sector of the bioenergy community able to deliver the clean energy transition in our sectors.
It is therefore imperative to work hand in hand with the research community enabling to bring into the market the innovative technologies and energy systems necessary for such a transition. At the same time such actions are vital in maintaining the leading position the EU industry enjoys at present.
The EUBCE has long become a world leading event for the biomass and bioenergy sectors based on a global forum for exchanging knowledge, debating policy options and addressing innovation in an open forum. Against this background, the EUBCE aims to highlight the role of the technology developers and industry across all sessions and topics of the programme.
I look forward seeing you in Lisbon.

Kyriakos Maniatis
Industry Committee Coordinator

Dr. Kyriakos Maniatis
Industry Committee Coordinator
European Commission