Our aim: The Supergen Bioenergy Hub aims to work across academia, industry and societal stakeholders to develop sustainable bioenergy systems which support the UK’s transition to an affordable, resilient, low-carbon energy future.

The Hub will:

  • Identify and evaluate the wider sustainability impacts of the UK’s bioenergy sector that maximise the benefits of bioenergy to the energy trilemma of affordability, resilience and carbon.
  • Evaluate the role and impact of selected bioenergy pathways at appropriate deployment scales on the energy system and interfacing sectors.
  • Identify and select appropriate energy vectors and determine how these fit within a wider bio refinery strategy to reduce carbon and reliance on fossil fuel, while maximising national and regional resilience.
  • Identify and select energy and cost optimised routes to achieve vectors and technologies that fit with the overall environmental vision of the Hub.

For more information about our projects, potential funding opportunities and for news on our latest research outputs please contact Christine Turner (Christine.turner@manchester.ac.uk) or join the mailing list via our website: www.supergen-bioenergy.net

Supergen Bioenergy

Emma Wylde