RITTER Engineering works successfully in the field of thermoplastic engineering for 65 years. Among other products RITTER manufactures Gas Meters made out of various superior thermoplastics and high grade stainless steel. These meters can be used for volumetric measurement of even highly aggressive gases with laboratory precision.

Biogas Batch Fermentation Systems

  • Batches of up to 16 fermentation bottles (1 ltr) in heating oven
  • 16 RITTER MilliGascounters with individual calibration certificate
  • Automated data acquisition of gas volume and flow rate through real time data logging with Windows® software »RIGAMO«

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  • Measurement range 1 ml/h ~ 1 ltr/h
  • Measurement accuracy (unit): better ±3%
  • Measurement accuracy (with software): better ±1%

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Drum-type Meters

  • Measurement range 1 ltr/h ~ 18 m³/h
  • Measurement accuracy: better ±0.5%
  • Measurement of low and highly aggressive gases

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