Nature Energy is the leading producer of biomethane for the Danish gas grid – at large scale biogas facilities. Industrial scale biogas facilities

Nature Energy has clear goals in developing and operating large scale biogas facilities. This results in efficient biogas and biomethane production and ensures society gets the highest sustainable yield.
We develop and operate biogas facilities in all parts of Denmark, locally run, and centrally monitored.
It is important, that we expand biogas and biomethane production. We have to use the resources in the manner, with the highest economic value and environmental impact. Society must move away from incineration of organic waste, and we have to speed up efficient and sustainable transition of the heat supplying units for district heating and CHP.

Nature Energy is a key player in developing the Danish biogas sectorwith comprehensive knowhow in biogas project development, operation ofbiogas plants, flexible sourcing of sustainable biomass and gastrading.With solid business principles we intend to extend our biogas activities and biogas certificates to other countries in Europe.


Nature Energy
Ørbækvej 260
DK-5220 Odense SØ

Technical Director Hans Henrik Dahl Andersen
Tlf: +45 30 38 64 20