The Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V. (FNR) is the central coordinating agency in Germany for the promotion of renewable resources. Founded in 1993 by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL), which funds its activities, FNR is in charge of managing a practice-, problem- and result-oriented pool of activities. The main tasks of FNR’s 102 employees are to implement the R&D programme “Renewable Resources” on behalf of the Federal Government and to assist the BMEL in all issues concerning renewable resources. In addition, FNR collects data on industrial processes and technology as well as from science and economy. This ensures a broad, diversified advisory and information service.

A comprehensive consulting and information service is provided on the topics bioenergy, construction, housing and to municipalities on further applications of renewable resources. FNR strives to provide reliable, up-to-date knowledge on renewable resources to all interested parties. We therefore continuously gather and process technical data from science and economy.

FNR services fall within the following main categories: contributing to the development and design of policy programmes and instruments; providing information and consulting services to target groups; providing information on cost-effectiveness, efficiency and funding opportunities; and providing technical data in the fields of science and economy. FNR currently funds  about 600 R&D projects, of which half  are in the field of bioenergy. Additionally FNR manages on behalf of BMEL  the competition Bioenergy Municipality and the competition Bioenergy Regions (,

FNR’s major clients are universities, research institutes, innovative SMEs and other industries and network organisations. Besides professional consultation and financial support, FNR organizes and takes part in scientific events of national and international relevance. FNR also coordinates bioenergy projects under the Energy and Climate Funds Act, publishes current research results and offers various publications to experts and the general public.

FNR is also the national contact point for EU activities in this context and is involved in the work of IEA Bioenergy as well as IEA-AMF (Advanced Motor Fuels). Furthermore FNR has successfully participated in numerous European projects and has continuously extended its international collaboration efforts. The department for EU and International Cooperation works on EU-related issues and aims to improve transnational cooperation between relevant decision makers. Currently, FNR is involved in around 20 EU-funded projects.

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