Akkaya Heating Instruments Manufacturing Inc. located in Tukey is a family owned company that has been involved in boiler production since its establiahment in 1964. Activities of the company are being carried out in Konya plant having  13000 m2 open and appr. 5000 m2 closed area. Nearly 80% of its annual production is being exported over 20 countries all over the world.

In addition to its continuous production of conventional gas, oil or electric fired systems for more than half a century, over the last 5 years main interest of the company has been designing , manufacturing and widely exporting innovative  Steam, Hot Water and Thermal Oil boilers using various kinds of solid fuel including biomass from recovered wastes.

Thanks to many years of experience in heating field and strong engineering base Akkaya Inc. has improved valuable solutions for providing highly effective biomass fired boiler designs, fuel combustion systems, exhaust gas filtration systems, exhaust gas heat recovery systems , overall system efficiency and safety controls. Company R&D studies are being carried out continuously and quite a big part of its turnover is being invested at this field each year.

Regarding the global interest in renewable energy systems Akkaya Inc. aims to provide  steam , hot water and thermal oil systems that are using recovered energy sources, to a wider range of sectors mainly to newage power generation plants all over the world.

Having a strong awareness for environmental concerns like climate change, global warming and increasing energy demand, Akkaya Inc. is prepared to serve the world with best effort of providing relevant products.

Akkaya Heating Instruments Manufacturing Inc.
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Adress: 1. Organize Sanayi Bolgesi Yerlisu Sokak
No:2  PO: 42120 / Konya / TURKEY
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