Jean-François Dallemand


We are deeply sorry to hear the sad news of the passing of our colleague and dear friend Jean-Francois Dallemand. Jean-Francois was always such a kind, thoughtful and diplomatic person who has been able to pass on his expertise in biomass to all who he met. He has been a committed member of the team behind organization of the scientific program of the annual European Biomass Conference, the EUBCE.
Jean-Francois had a background in agricultural sciences and worked at the center of the developing discussion on biofuels in the early 2000’s when he was project leader for the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre. He always sought sound scientific evidence, based on thorough scientific methods and unbiased analysis in his daily work. It was this approach that led Jean-Francois to be a trusted and invaluable colleague who worked endlessly in promoting sustainable bioenergy. And it is also why he was such a highly valued chairman in conferences, for discussions with colleagues, with project partners around the world and with policy makers in government. He was an expert negotiator with sound political judgement and well able to express his views sincerely and with clarity, but always with a great sense for diplomacy.
We are all deeply sad to lose Jean-Francois, a trusted and invaluable colleague who worked tirelessly supporting implementation of sustainable biomass and bioenergy. The bioenergy community has lost a vital member. We will miss his professionalism and his kind and generous character.
Rest in peace Jean-Francois.

On behalf of the European Biomass Conference and Exhibition.

Angela, Peter, Nicolae, Heinz, David, Kyriakos and EUBCE Team