Indian Federation of Green Energy

Stand #15

Indian Federation of Green Energy (IFGE) established in 2014, stands as the apex body dedicated to representing the Green and Bio Energy sector. Functioning as a non-governmental and not-for-profit organization, IFGE is driven by the mission to advance Green and Bio Energy through activities such as policy advocacy, the organization of seminars, conferences, exhibitions, B2G and B2B meetings, as well as comprehensive awareness programs.

With a committed group of visionaries, stakeholders from diverse industries, businesses and services having similar and Complementary vision for creating a sustainable energy ecosystem and mitigating its challenges.

IFGE plays a pivotal role as an umbrella organization, ardently advocating for and representing the comprehensive interests of the national renewable energy sector. Encompassing diverse domains such as Bioenergy, Biofuels, Solar, E-mobility, Carbon Capture, and more, IFGE actively fosters collaboration and synergy among these crucial components. Through its multifaceted approach, the organization not only supports the growth and development of each sector individually but also works towards a holistic transformation of the entire renewable energy landscape.

Under the auspices of IFGE, various forums and associations collaborate to foster synergy within the renewable energy sector:

  1. CBG Producer Forum
  2. Biomass Global Associates Forum
  3. Electric Vehicle Industry Forum
  4. Solar Power Industry Forum
  5. Biodiesel Processors Forum
  6. Bamboo Development Forum
  7. Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Forum
  8. Grain Ethanol Distillers Association