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MUSIC Workshop:
Use of pyrolysis oil and other advanced biofuels to decarbonize maritime transport

Thursday 12 May 2022 | 15:00 -17:00


  • EC policy initiatives promoting sustainable maritime fuels
    Maria Georgiadou
    Senior Policy Officer, DG Research and Innovation of the European Commission


  • Biofuels as a marine fuel solution to decarbonise shipping
    Jacob Zeuthen
    Senior Future Fuels Manager, Maersk Decarbonisation / Future Fuels


  • Prospects / experiences from marine biofuel trials
    Felipe A. Ferrari
    Long Term Innovation Lead, GoodFuels


  • Pyrolysis oil production and upgrading to renewable marine biofuels
    Patrick Reumerman
    Senior Consultant, BTG Biomass Technology Group


Introduction to the workshop:
John Vos
Senior Consultant, BTG Biomass Technology Group and Coordinator of the MUSIC project.

Roundtable discussion on the prospects of maritime biofuels:
Rainer Janssen
Managing Director Projects, WIP Renewable Energies.

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This event is organised in the framework of the project MUSIC ( supported by the European Commission within Horizon 2020.

The MUSIC project aims to facilitate market uptake of three types of intermediate bioenergy carriers (IBC’s: torrefied biomass, fast pyrolysis bio-oils, and microbial oil) by developing feedstock mobilisation strategies, improved logistics and IBC trade centres.

Biomass, such as agricultural or forest residues, can be processed into energetically denser, storable and transportable intermediary products analogous to coal, oil and gaseous fossil energy carriers. IBCs may replace fossil fuels in the energy (power & heat) production sector, the transport sector, within energy intensive industries (e.g. steel production) and for the production of bio-based materials. IBCs contribute to energy security, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and provide a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels in Europe.

This workshop will present and discuss the outlook for advanced biofuels to decarbonize maritime transport with a special focus on the prospects of using pyrolysis oil-based fuels. Speakers will represent  different actors within the sustainable shipping eco-system.




John Vos
BTG Biomass Technology Group BV
P.O. Box 835, 7500 AV Enschede, The Netherlands


This event is free and open to all
Free access with Visitor Pass

Please note that this Programme may be subject to alteration and the Organisers reserve the right to do so without giving prior notice.