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Harnessing CO2 for sustainable CCUS value chains:
The CooCE concept

Thursday 8 June 2023 | 09:00-12:00 CEST | Room: Modular 3


9:00 – 9:15
Participants admitted to the workshop room
(signing and dating of Consent Form required)

9:15 – 9:30
Dr Diaz-Chavez and Dr Evans welcome participants and explain workshop aims and activities

9:30 – 9:50
Presentation of the CooCE project

9:50 – 10:00
Participants split into groups with explanation of the SWOT task

10:00 – 10:45
Groups carry out a SWOT analysis of the CooCE project

10:45 – 11:30
Groups report on their SWOT results

11:30 – 11:50
General discussion of SWOT results and any other issues

11:50 – 12:00
End of workshop

Free access with Visitor Pass. Registration is mandatory.







Carbon Capture Use and Storage (CCUS) technologies promise to make a significant contribution to reduction of carbon emissions from energy-intensive industries. This workshop will engage stakeholders to discuss CCUS. The focus is on the CooCE project, which is developing a biotechnological platform using efficient and sustainable biological processes for the conversion of CO2 into upgraded biofuels for transportation, along with valuable chemicals and high-volume biopolymers for bioplastic production for the packaging industry. CooCe is jointly funded by ACT- ERANET, under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 (No 327331) and by the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

The workshop is organised by CooCE’s partners at Imperial College. Participation is open to anyone attending the EUBCE 2023 in person. We aim to recruit stakeholders from academia and research, industry, SMEs, NGOs policymakers, and public agencies. This will allow for a rich discussion from a range of perspectives on CCUS technologies, products and value chains that can help inform policymaking and investment decisions. For more information on the CooCE, please visit:

To join the workshop, you will need to sign up through the link below. Participation will be secured on a ‘first-come’ basis. All who sign up will be asked to read the Participant Information Sheet beforehand (available at this link here). This document explains how the data gathered at the workshop will be used, managed and stored to protect your rights as a participant. Those who join the workshop on the day will be asked to sign a Consent Form and will be given printed copy of both documents to keep.


Contact persons

Dr Yara Evans










Online Survey: CooCE and CCUS

We would also like to invite you to participate in an online survey about Carbon Capture Use and Storage (CCUS) and the CooCE project. Again, the aim is to understand how stakeholders view CCUS, its potential, possibilities and challenges. The survey will run until the 30th August 2023. It will take about 15 minutes to complete and can be accessed through this link:

Thank you!

This event is free and open to all
Free access with Visitor Pass
Registration is mandatory

Please note that this Programme may be subject to alteration and the Organisers reserve the right to do so without giving prior notice.