Getting published, perspectives of Editors

As researchers, you want to get publish to disseminate your ideas, to uncover potential research collaborations, to progress in your academic career and to secure research funding.

This panel of scientific journal editors will offer insights into scholarly publishing and give advice for preparing manuscripts to give you the best chance of publishing in an international journal.

The session is suitable for PhD and Post Docs students, as well as for researchers who have experience in the dissemination their research results.

The importance of authors to learn the specific aspects of the publishing cycle has become ever more crucial as the number of submissions, and as a consequence the number of rejections continues to rise.

Taking on board the advice of leading journal editors by understanding the process and the expectations of editors when they receive your manuscript may help your manuscript stand out from crowd.

In this session we will also look specifically at getting published in Biomass and Bioenergy’s Special Edition calling on papers presented at EUBCE, so anyone interested in this Special Edition should attend, and ask any questions they may have.

Tuesday 28 May

12:35 – 13:30 | Live stage (Exhibition)

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