Terms & Conditions


ETA srl (registered in Italy, VAT 043 480 60 486) is the organiser of the event and alone is empowered to accept or reject applications and to allocate stands.

The signed sponsorship contract constitutes a legally binding contract for the sponsor. All stands are confirmed in writing and the position allocated is definitive. The organiser reserves the right to change the allocation of stand in case of unforeseen and/or unavoidable circumstances, beyond its control.

The technical regulations of the venue have to be respected.

Deadlines set by ETA and Bologna Congress Center must be met. ETA as well as Bologna Congress Centre cannot guarantee to provide the offered service if forms or orders are handed in too late.

Reselling of stand space or transferring the right to exhibit on the relevant stand to third party is strictly forbidden without prior written authorisation of ETA.


Payment has to be made by the due date indicated on the invoice.

The invoice will be sent upon the receipt of the sponsorship booking form.

All invoices must be paid before the exhibition starts. Only those sponsors who have made payment by the due date are allowed to build up their stand and exhibit.

Exhibition Early Birds

Early bird prices are valid till 28 February 2023 (postage, email or fax date).

Afterwards, the standard rate will be applied. An additional 5% on the amount still due will be surcharged as a penalty and an interest of 0.75 % per month will be added to the total amount still due.



Withdrawal must be made by email to ETA. For cancellations made before 31 March 2023, the sponsor will be refunded 70% of the total price. For cancellations after 31 March 2023 the sponsor has to pay the full amount of the original rented space. These cancellation policies will come into effect in all cases and whatever the reason for the withdrawal may be. Cancellation fees will be invoiced. Any bank charges are to be paid by the sponsor.

In case of non-payment by the dates specified on the invoice, ETA reserves the right to reallocate the reserved stand. The sponsors, however, remain bound by their registration contract in the ETA cancellation policies.

Stands will only be placed at the disposal of participants when they have fulfilled all the obligations as stipulated in the contract.


Advertising on site is only possible through the channels offered by the organiser. Publicity material may only be handed out at the sponsor’s stand.

Noisy publicity of any kind, and in particular the use of loudspeakers, is prohibited.

Only residue free adhesive felt and adhesive tape may be laid on the floor and on the stand walls. The use of pins and double-sided adhesive tape is prohibited. No adhesives or paints containing solvents may be used anywhere in the Congress Center.

When using cleaning materials care must be taken to avoid damage to the coating of the parquet flooring.

The sponsor undertakes to keep his stand open throughout the duration of the exhibition. He also undertakes not to remove any exhibits or dismantle his stand before the end of the exhibition.

Photos & videos will be taken/recorded during the event. ETA reserves the right to use this material for advertising and dissemination purposes (publication on event website, brochures, conference proceedings or similar).


The setting-up of stands (structure + design) must be pre-approved by the exhibition organisation that ensures that the local regulations are respected. The setting up of stands (structure and decoration) must be executed with materials that are not easily flammable and which do not give off harmful gases under the effect of heat.

The technical regulations of the venue have to be respected.

Any “Raw Space stand” sponsors are welcome to build a complex stand or a stand over 2.50m but will need a written authorization. In this case they will need to inform the organisers and submit stand plans according to the details and deadlines provided in the sponsor manual. Any installations or decorative elements that could affect other sponsors in any way are prohibited.

Lettering, constructions and decoration of any kind which render the stand higher than the locally permitted limit of 2,50m require written approval. The construction of stands on two floors is, without exception are not allowed.

Any parts or exhibits exceeding the dimensions of the stand limits may be removed from the exhibition area by the organisers at the expense of the sponsor. The sponsor is responsible for organising his stand so that all exhibits can be examined and demonstrated within the stand limits.


Detailed information about the event such as opening hours, technical regulations, hotel booking, etc. will be available for download as a Sponsors’ Manual.

Extra services are at the expense of the sponsor as are the costs for consumption and use. The sponsor is responsible for passing the information of the Sponsors’ Manual to his stand constructor, advertising agency and other sub-contractors involved in this event.

The exact set-up / dismantling times will be given in the Sponsors’ Manual. The sponsor must follow these instructions.


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