Frequently Asked Questions

The 31st edition of the EUBCE will be convened in person, over the course of four days, from the 5th to the 8th of June 2023, in Bologna (Italy) + one day dedicated to technical visits.

With the online ticket, registered participants will have access to the EUBCE 2023 Online Platform where the recording of all sessions will be available for on-demand-streaming. The recordings will be available for 3 months after the event, providing the added advantage of content access wherever and whenever you want.

Access to the online platform is already included in the on-site ticket package (for the day(s) registered).

Presenters and speakers are requested to attend the event in Bologna in person only.

If you require a Visa Letter of Invitation, please note:

  • It is EUBCE policy to only issue Visa Letter of Invitation to Speakers, Authors, Committee Members, and Attendees registered and paid in FULL.
  • EUBCE only issue the Visa Letter of Invitation for the conference. No other kind of documentation will be provided for use of visa applications.
  • Please find the link of visa application form online and allow 3-5 business days for processing.
  • Request for a hard copy visa letter will be subject to the requestor bearing the cost of courier delivery, which will be added to your conference registration fee.

We strongly advise participants to personally check entry and visa requirements before making travel arrangements at least 3 months ahead of time, as there might be country-specific conditions that you are not aware of. For most accurate information please contact the Italian embassy/consulate in your home country.



第 31 届 EUBCE 将于 2023 年 6 月 5 日至 8 日在博洛尼亚(意大利)举行为期四天的面对面会议 + 一天的技术访问。

使用在线门票,注册的参与者将可以访问EUBCE 2023在线平台,所有会议的录制将可用于点播流媒体。录音将在活动结束后 3 个月内提供,提供随时随地访问内容的额外优势。




  • EUBCE的政策是只向已注册并全额付款的演讲者、作者、委员会成员和与会者发出签证邀请函。
  • EUBCE仅签发会议邀请函。不会提供其他类型的文件用于签证申请。
  • 请在线找到签证申请表的链接,并允许3-5个工作日进行处理。(link)
  • 如果申请纸质签证函将由申请者承担快递费用,该费用将添加到您的会议注册费中。