Live Stage agenda

Monday 6 July 2020

12.40 – 13.00 / LECO 
The Netherlands
Moisture/Ash and Volatiles determination in Solid fuels and biofuels. With a Macro TGA System.
SPEAKER: Michael Jakob

17.20 – 17.40 / BRISK2
BIRSK2, enhance your research with Transnational Access
Speaker: Alanna Boden

Tuesday 7 July 2020

11.00 – 12.00 / BIOCOGEN 2030 stories of innovation from the cogeneration world

Speakers: Giulio Poggiaroni, Dr. Jan Van Herle, Dr. Wang Ligang, Mr. Egbert Freiherr von Cramm, Dr. Burghard Knolle, Dr. Daniella Johansson, Dr. Marta Gandiglio

12.10 – 13:00 ETIP Project

Speakers: Dina Bacovsky, Philippe Marchand, Uwe Fritsche, Calliope Panoutsou, Patrik Klintbom

17.20 – 18.20 /
Getting your Bioenergy research published in top journals biomass & bioenergy MDPI Energies, EUBCE

For the special edition of “Biomass & Bioenergy”:

  • Patricia Thornley /Supergen Bioenergy Hub, Birmingham, UK
  • Adam Fraser / Senior Publisher, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Journals, ELSEVIER
  • Wiebren de Jong / Delft University of Technology, Process & Energy Dpt., The Netherlands

For the special edition of “Energies”:

  • David Baxter / Former European Commission, Joint Research Centre

Wednesday 8 July 2020

11.00 – 11.20 / idea-biotech
Innovative technologies and bioreactors for  lab experiments and process optimization
Speaker: Aronne Teli


11.40 – 12.00 / Marcopolo Green Energy CO., LTD
We can do more! The high performance techniques of bioenergy manufacture and application
Speakers: Marco Benedetti, Tammy Chang, Daniel Ku


12.10 – 12.30 / BIOFIT Project
BIOFIT INDUSTRY FORUM – Bioenergy Retrofits for Europe’s Industry
Speaker: Patrick Reumerman


12.40 – 13.00 / BlueSens gas sensor GmbH
Professional off-gas analysis for biogas and residual gas applications
Speaker:  Dr. Holger Müller


16.20 – 18.20 Algae Industry Workshop
Speakers: Daniel Fishman, Nuno Coelho, Vitor Verdelho, Ramesh Bhujade, Frank Rogalla, Craig Behnke, Jean-François Sassi, Rebecca White, Philippe Potin, Edgar Santos

Thursday 9 July 2020

9:30 – 9:50 / ADVANCEFUEL Visual Journey – Removing Barriers to Advanced Renewable Fuels
Speaker: Vanessa Vivian Wabitsch


10:00 – 10:20 / TNO – your partner for biofuels R&D
The Netherlands
Speaker:   Stephan Janbroers


10.30 – 10.50 / Vanguard Initiative – Bioeconomy Pilot
Getting lost in the Valley of Death? Here’s what the Vanguard Initiative Bioeconomy Pilot can do for you
Speaker: Maurizio Bettiga


11.00 – 11.20 / SYNCRAFT 
The world’s first climate positive power plant
Speaker: Marcel Huber

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