Sustainable Biomass using the Nordic Forestry Model – Potentials and Climate benefits

The Nordic countries, not least in Sweden and Finland, have a long-standing experience in using biomass from forestry and forest industry for energy, for district heating and power production, and for industrial heat. In the coming years production of second-generation biofuels from forest biomass is also expected to increase rapidly.
The use of bioenergy accounts for 37 per cent of final energy use in Sweden. Supply chains and technology has been developed to increase efficiency and cut costs.
Substitution of fossil fuels and materials with high carbon footprint give a climate benefit of 0.5 – 0.7 tons CO2 emissions reduction per cubic meter of harvested wood, according to recent studies. The carbon balance of the forest system is clearly positive, as the standing stock of wood has double over the last 100 years. The growth and sequestration of CO2, has increased year by year. Yet, at the same time harvesting has increased. There is still potential to increase production and use of biomass from the forests.
At the seminar, we discuss de climate benefit of using the Nordic forestry model for bioenergy, and what lessons can be learned by other countries in Europe and in the boreal region.


Gustav Melin, Swedish Bioenergy Association


Jeffrey Skeer, IRENA

Climate benefits from Swedish biomass use for energy and material
Kjell Andersson, Swedish Bioenergy Association, Sweden

Forest resources of nations in relation to human well-being
Pekka Kauppi, Helsinki University, Finland

Mobilisation of bioenergy as a strategy to vitalise forestry in Canada
Evelyne Thiffault, Laval University, Wood and Forest Science, Canada

Thursday 17 May, 09:00 - 10:30

Room 17

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Gustav Melin
SVEBIO, Swedish Bioenergy Association
Kammakargatan 22
111 40 Stockholm Sweden


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