State of Green Tours - Experience Danish bioenergy solutions

17th May 2018 – Thursday 12:00 – 18:00
NB: Space is limited to approximately 30 participants

State of Green offers European Biomass Conference and Exhibition 2018 participants the opportunity to experience Danish bioenergy solutions. A tour offers you a chance to take advantage of the lessons learned by Danish companies and institutions, enabling you to strengthen your market position and find solutions to the challenges of your industry and society. State of Green organizes technical visits and business meetings with leading companies, politicians and industry experts in Denmark. Welcome to State of Green!

12:00 - Bus departs from Bella Center

13:00 – 14:00 - Visit to the BioCat Power-to-Gas Demonstration Facility

The BioCat Project is a commercial-scale upgrading biogas plant that is a part of the Avedøre Wastewater Treatment Plant. The upgrading plant connects the wastewater treatment plant’s biogas production with the natural gas grid. The company Electrochaea, which has designed and constructed the upgrading plant, has developed a process that uses microorganisms to convert CO2 into methane. It takes place via an electrolysis plant that converts electricity into hydrogen, i.e. via power-to-gas technology. The commercial-scale facility has flexible operational modes and responds rapidly to available energy, so it can also provide frequency regulation services to the Danish power grid while injecting renewable natural gas into Copenhagen’s energy gas grid.

14:30 – 15:30 - Visit to Avedøre Power Station

Experience Denmark’s largest power plant, which switched from coal to sustainable biomass following renovations in 2016. The combined heat and power plant is one of the globe’s most advanced and efficient multi-fuel biomass plants, as it exploits up to 94 percent of the energy in the fuels and has an electrical efficiency of 49 percent. Located south of Copenhagen, the plant supplies ultra-efficient heating to approximately 215,000 homes in Copenhagen and produces electricity that is equivalent to over 600,000 households’ annual consumption.

16:00 – 17:00 - Visit to Amager Resource Center, including Copenhill (Amager Bakke)

Every day of the year ARC relieves the inhabitants and companies of the five capital municipalities of their waste and supply heat and electricity to their households in return.

Construction of the new state-of-the-art facility was completed in 2017. Now up and running, it is one of the best performing European plants in terms of energy efficiency, waste treatment capacity, and environmental consideration, producing heat for 160,000 households and electricity for 62,500 residences. The facility also stands out due to its award winning architectural design, with a  rooftop that consists of green spaces for walking, running and even an artificial ski slope accessible to the public.

17:15 - Transport back to Bella Center. Estimated arrival time: 18:00